Sometimes I have a lot of doubt

Sometimes I have doubts about us

Are we still in love or are we just


Is this a forever commitment or are we just


I’ve never been with someone for so long and it

terrifies me

But every time you walk into the room and smile at me

I melt

We laugh about things that I can’t see myself laughing about with anyone else

We say “I love you” daily and actually mean it

Sometimes fear and doubt crawl into my head about what would life be like if I just

ran away and started new

But my heart knows that life would be

dull and bleak

without you

sometimes I have doubts about us

but never for long and never for real.


First post

I’m just an amateur trying to live in these trying times. I have trouble sleeping because my brain does not stop once my head hits the pillow so I think of things that I want to share but I’m too afraid to share with people I know in real life. My shared thoughts will, for the most part, be unfiltered and only slightly modified to suit my mood at the time. Here’s hoping I’ll get better…stick around to find out!

Enter the forest that is my mind (don’t worry, you don’t need bug spray).